The double edged sword of social media... we federate or we fail.

Do you remember what it was like before the internet?  If you’re reading this, I bet that there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t, and I may as well be asking, "Do you remember a Land Before Time?" I remeber a time before the internet, I remember when planning a night out with friends was a project in and of itself which required a certain level of finesse and commitment, rather than the lazy pushing of a couple of buttons. I remember a time when valuable information was available at the library, or from authoritative experts, and not just in your pocket at all times, and when media was something that you had to schedule in, not something that you had to schedule time away from. I remember when connecting to people meant that you had to know about them in advance, not just of them, and when being unplugged was the daily norm; when I left my home, I was only available to my immediate environment and peers. It was a different way of living. Now, you only hear about people living like this as some sort of bizarre social experiment, or as some strange and exotic thing.


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