Ubuntu Dreams of Electric Golden Sheep!

This is an updated version of a previous post

Around 2012, the team behind Ubuntu, a very popular Linux desktop operating system, decided to strike the beautiful Electric Sheep screen saver program from it's repositories (think app store). For those of us that love using screensavers as a way to bring a little artwork to our office or media server, this was a harsh blow, as the Electric Sheep program is elegant and beautiful, and there was no simple path to bringing it back. About four years later, thanks to the ever vibrant open source community, a simple solution was presented with which one could bring it back to the Ubuntu desktop, this solution was covered here in a previous post. It's now time to revisit the Electric Sheep again, as a long awaited feature, Gold Sheep, has finally been unveiled. Also, it's time to take a frtesh look at how best to bring this elegant program back to the desktop, and bring some life back to our sleeping screens...


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