Blogging Visibility

Ok, so in an effort to improve my blog's visibility, and the site's visibility in general, I am using technorati. My profile being a typical Technorati Profile.
What else have I done? Well, there is a module called "XML sitemap" that allows you to submit the sitemap with google, microsoft, yahoo, and the like every time you run cron, and I registered the site with google. I've also been linking to this thing from everywhere I can (my Ubuntu and Launchpad profiles, different social networking profiles, etc) and if this is not enough, which it is not, I plan on registering the site with Drupal, just have to get a site slogan and mission statement down first.

And why do all of this? Easy, when my people google "clearvision" or "joshp's blog" i really would like this to be in the top 10. It sort of makes me feel special, and we all like to feel special.

if anyone out there reading this has any tricky ways to be more visible, share thine wealth of knowledge and use the comments!

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