Almost sold out...

Well, I almost did it. As a matter of fact, I did do it, for a little bit...I sold out.

One of the reasons I made this site was to stay away from using any 3rd party hosted services. I wanted to be able to host my own site, with my own blog, calendar, forums, picture gallery, and anything else (the promise of a podcast or webcast, a streaming radio station...all sorts of things sound like fun, right?).

Something nice about having it all right here, on my own server, my own connection, my own installation.

But, here it is, I used a google service. I feel dirty. I would I even do that when there's:


yes here is a nice open source, php based stat counter! I can add it to the list of tools I use for my site.

I revved it up and got rid of analytics. I am clean. It's multisite compatible, clean, easy to use, lite on resources, and my new best friend.

But the tyranny does not end there, my friend, no. I put google AdSense on the site for about 2 hours. Sigh. It's gone. It was ugly, and I hated the ads. Nuff said. I really like this site add free, and 3rd party service free. I might put ads on in the future, but they will be carefully hand selected, no random google sell-your-soul ads.

Regardless, I feel good having a fee and ad-free site.


In the mean time, I have been playing around with different modules and toys, adding features (like the new chat for users, an and a few admin tools) and getting rid of some (classified ads, recipies, books, and random others). The site is coming along well.

Till next time children....

That's all for now

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