Progress...for the record (or "what makes ClearVision Community posible")

Ok, so here is a list of all of the things I have up, in order:


Give credit where credit is due! Without the free services and packages provided by these guys and gals, I would not have my little corner on the net, not to mention the countless (and sometimes thankless) howto's, forum posts and irc chats that have been there to help me out along the way!

Long live open source!



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Ok, I updated to the latest Ubuntu (regularly), updated drupal to the latest 5.x release; I dropped "WebCalendar" in favor of the excellent calendar module; I change themes pretty regularly, but the MyDrupalImpact is still pretty cool; and have switched my (Dynamic)DNS service to EveryDNS; I added FireStats, and changed the name and address. good? good

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