So, I have spent the last few weeks NOT working on this project, I ran into a whole mess of headaches with the whole mail thing, so everything got put to the side, to let my forehead heal after banging against walls. so, no mail for now, but it's still in the works. Looking at other alternatives...not to closely, tho, since school has my attention, also.

I did find a temporary solution to the Donation page issue, but I'm still not very happy with the result, as a matter of fact, I really want to re-theme the entire site, make it totally my own, so 'tis gonna be a long while before I totally set it to rest.

So, there's better integration for the calendar, permissions fine-tuning, teeming, rework the donation page, get taxonomy down so I can better tag my blog entries, to create "planet" type blogs, yes, there is more than this project I want to write about, and the whole mail issue. Also want to draft a "mission statement" page, and better general front page, multiple front pages targeted at different types of users, and groups...and...and...ugh. Gotta work on the torrent tracker also, since I have the mind to distribute my own potential future media...yes, there are some things to work on.

The site is in no way ready for production, but it's still cookin', so...

Any Ubuntu-server (apache, mysql, php), mail, or drupal gurus out there looking for an apprentice?

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