Tweaking Issues/Progress on ClearVision

The site is coming along nicely, for anyone keeping tabs. Here is a forum post describing this project.

I have not yet introduced bittorrent to the site, but that is going to be the last thing added after all major tweaks and configs, since it's "bonus". Issues? Yep. Got some issues to work on, if you're reading this, perhaps you can help me out.

I have 2 pages that are not nodes, that I am trying to incorporate into a node. This does not seem to be possible, but I'm going to hack at it for a while. The 'donate' page is pretty bland, and I want to make it a tad more elaborate. I want to add in a personalized 'welcome to the donations page' message, and add the donations faq in there as well. Yep, those are the two non-node pages. I thought it would be easy to incorporate them into a new 'page' node, but this seems pretty tricky, I believe both of the pages are created by php functions, and I am not sure how to get in there and tweak about.

There is also a problem with webcalendar logging in. A user is supposed to automatically have a new calendar in webcalendar, and be logged into it via the login with drupal, this is not working. Currently all webcalendars have to be manually added in, and you have to log in twice. For functionality I have added a public calendar, and will be allowing users to post to it. There are also the Event Calenders within drupal, which I am making available to groups, so the groups us that, instead of webcalendar. Webcalendar is supposed to check the drupal db and check for login status, create a user account based on drupal id number, and relate the full name to the drupal registered full name. I think it might be a cookie issue, or a clean url issue, clean url's don't work either. PHP issue?

Gallery 2 is not creating galleries for new users, apparently. Haven't looked into this at all. I think it might be the clean url issue again.

Within webcalendar there is a problem with remote publishing to and from, but you can still upload ics files, and output ics files to your desktop, or wherever. This is a nice feature. Full functionality will be nice. I really do not want t give up on webcalendar in favor of 'calendar module' or 'events calendar' module. Those two are nice, but nowhere near as nice as the php based webcalendar.

One last issue is logging in from my pda. doesn't happen. Is it my PDA? is ti the site? we'll see, it's minor.

So, a few bumbs in the road, still alot to learn, ie, front page configuration, theme modifications and custom template creation for pages, but the site is essentially usable and while these problems are a pain, they are pretty much invisible to the user.

That's the here's Tom with the weather...

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