Hello World

Hello World! So, I did it, or am doing it. Set up a server, and a website (actually 3 websites, but they act, almost totally, as one). I am serving a community portal, an online multiuser calendar, and a photo gallery. Soon the community portal will also be a private bittorrent tracker, on top of the many other great services it currently serves. You may scoff, but I am very excited! Even if this doesn't take off, it's a great adventure, and can, at the very least, host a website for me and my own. I have some bugs to work out, mostly public vs. private access issues, since I want to be able to publish this blog, and have an open, public forum space as well as a secure private environment for kids and family stuff. Got some bugs to work out, but I'm sure this is going to be a great project... Thank God for Open Source!!!



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enjoyed the pics,,,they made

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enjoyed the pics,,,they made me smile remembering the good times from them..esp the one of you and mary under the round covering at the college and the one of you with your hand on her chin.........that is wonderful...........read some of the blogs........interesting...it is a good outlet , i believe..and serves you well....i didnt realize it had been that long since you quit smoking...proud of you......and yes, your baby is now 11 and you are getting older....parents all get older whether they want to or not...hahhha love you....

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