Learning in Verses, an Exercise

Be vulnerable

Struggle against the blindness

Oh, human being


Dreams, flesh, and delight

Hypnotic fog of grasping

For some secure ground


Objects of our ire

Gain solidification

Fed by our hot gaze


Objects of desire

Wisp away in the wind, while

we chase happiness


Just so, out of sync

Disconnected from true sight

Wrestling shadows


Storehouse of true bliss

Just at the end of the lane

Dare these feet to walk?


This heart to grow wise,

this mind to know compassion,

The great work of ... fate?


Transcend the static

Cage of reactivity

Emotional self


Be vulnerable

see this, just as it is now

resist holding fast


See this, now rising

See this, as it has your eye

see this, now falling


The breath is your home

it is the thing that connects

waking and dreaming


Steady as you see

pushing and pulling no more

unbinding the way


Life is but a dream

No real ground to build upon

Still, here we are found


Open to sorrow

Open to the joy of life

Open to it all


The vicissitudes

Entanglements of grasping

Cannot vex this path


Seeking no shelter

Nakedness, the new refuge

What torment can last?


Sight is just seeing

The ground I once built upon

Drift away to space

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