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What happens when you take ten thousand tiny steps in the right direction?

was about finding a good place to start altering your diet and getting into a more active lifestyle, especially after finding yourself "off the health wagon" for some time. So, now you have made several small changes over time to your diet, and have been gradually and steadily increasing the workout intensity and frequency, maybe even changing walks into jogs. You're ready for more and are about to take the next step, but have some lingering questions. Now it's time to take the conversation a bit further, and explore a few of the hurdles in the approach to nutrition when stepping up the ante and delving into a more serious workout program, like P90X. My last post

Here are a couple of great questions someone asked me recently about this very subject, that may help shed some light:

  • How necessary is a recovery drink? I see it listed everyday (on the P90X nutrition guide), but did you try it? did it make a difference for you?

  • It says "breakfast", then snack (this is where it says protein bar and recovery drink) then it says to drink the recovery drink after your workout. I plan on working out in the morning, am I supposed to eat before I do these workouts?

First off I think it is a GREAT idea to work out in the morning, it just sets the tone for the day and there is nothing like it.

So the goal is three reasonable meals, and two healthy snacks a day. Stretching it out to a five a day instead of three helps keep the stomach from over expansion, keeps the metabolism up and steady, preventing it from spiking and therefore falling too low throughout the day. I like to eat about a half an hour to an hour before I work out, depending on the workout: the more aerobic, the closer to an hour. This gives my body some fuel to burn for the workout, especially important in the morning. I make sure to drink plenty of water before hand, but not RIGHT before hand, and take a creatine supplement before workouts for some extra calories and energy. That is not for everyone.

The recovery drink is essentially replenishing your carbs and electrolytes, and is typically two carbs to one protein. I usually hit up a nice smoothy with a shot of whey protein after a workout, it sets me right. I HIGHLY recommend it. Your body will be primed for nutrients for about a half an hour to an hour after your workout, and some easily digestible protein and carbs and healthy sugars are GREAT at that moment. You could do much worse for your recovery drink than just reaching for your Shakeology shaker at that point. Keep it simple! Shakeology makes a great recovery drink, and mixes great into a smoothy.

So my morning typically goes like this: wake up with a cup and a half of cereal with soy milk (think light, easily digestible breakfast), drink a glass of water while I wait at least a half hour, then hit the creatine and press play as hard as I can! After the workout I hit the smoothy and that sets my day up for success. Just before a typical lunch time I hit my Shakeology, and then it's conscientious light snacking until I have one decent meal later for dinner, no less than 2 hours before bed.

Without the recovery drink/smoothy I would be totally wasted for the rest of my day. It's really that important. If you find you can do your workout first thing in the morning, then go for it! I really like to have something in me first, or I feel a bit nauseous and/or dizzy during an extreme workout session. You will find your comfort level, we're all different. At the very least, make sure you drink lots of water! Wake up--> water--> water--> press play while drinking water--> workout out with water--> drink water when get the idea.

I hope this helps. You'll find the right formula for your own personal success! One word of advice. Week one and two of a serious workout program, especially P90X, will be HARD. The hardest of all 13 in the case of P90X, I promise. You will be sore, and you will be in the zone of greatest potential to quit. I have seen a LOT of "fit" people totally wuss out after week one. Trust the program. Keep pressing play. After about 10 days your body will LOVE what is happening, the initial crazy total body soreness goes away, and you get SUPER-FIT. Promise. Just keep it in mind, and remember, the way to create a real lasting change is by making many small changes in the right direction, consistently over time. This applies to fitness, diet, your home life, career, and everything else.

You can find information about Beachbody recovery drinks, protein bars, and programs like P90X by clicking here, and information on Shakeology by clicking here. If you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comments, or contact me using the link above!

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